What is La Caille?

Organic Farm La Caille is a developping live and work community. We strive for a form of living and working together that focuses on one’s own responsibility and community spirit. Our sources of inspirations are a holistic life vision and antroposophy. Our goal is,as far as possible, to grow our own vegetables and fruits. Our permaculture kitchen garden becomes a bit nicer and more complete every year.

In a (r) telier Cocon  pedagogical children’s toys are made, including “Zonnekind” dolls. Most products are made up as semi-finished products and sold as packages. These packages can be purchased via the Cocon website. If you want to learn how to make “Zonnekind” dolls, you can do so in consultation. More information can be found on the website.

This year we are working on an art studio for grafic art,which will be, hopefully, ready in season 2019.