About La Caille

La Caille is a small farm/ecocommunity in a green oasis of 14 acres of land with 7 permanant habitants and varying volunteers. It’s also a farmcamping and there is an eco-grouphouse for 28 persons which we build together with volunteers.   On La Caille peace prevails and you can choose to visit the lively communities nearby.

At only ten minutes walking distance, via a charming green unpaved path, the Steiner/ Waldorf school La Mhotte is located in St. Menoux. The school is established in 1976. Around this school a for France and maybe West-Europe unique dynamica of alternative lifestiyles has emerged. In this area numerous initiatives have been started, inspired by antroposophy, solidarity and ecology.  For instance the bio-dynamic farm Ferme de la Mhotte and the antroposophical training centre Foyer Michael.  The people who settled there are trying to, as good as it goes, to live in a way that is respectfull to mankind and the environment, in conscious simplicity.  Sometimes it takes a lot  of effort, but where is a will , there is a way and that’s how alternatives arise in the field of living (central living, collective properties, (ecological) building, work(coops), a sustainable bank and lots more!

These are places where one feeds the “Commons”, the sharing. A place where a sustainable hospitable future is being developped, where resources serve the people and not the other way around. 

La Caille has strong ties with initiatives in the neighborhood. We help eachother where we can. Within our own community we aim for a form of living and working together where ones own responsability and communityspirit is central. Our sources of inspiration are a holistic lifevision, creativity and antroposophy. We are a young community fully in development. For the latest news you can  like our Facebookpage to keep you updated.



On this moment we work on:


Permaculture vegetable garden: Our goal  is to grow our own fruits and vegetables as much as possible in our permaculture vegetable garden which gets prettier and better every year!  And we are investigating to see if a foodforest is a good addition to our garden.

 Developping of activities: We develop en give creative and musical classes. Like gitarlessons, graphic technieks, drawing, painting, sculpting, creating Waldorf dolls and felttechniques. 


A(r)telier Cocon: This the dollworkshop where Waldorf dolls and pedagogical felt toys are being made by hand. At this moment once a week a group of parents and other volunteers work in the atelier. The participants on these days learn to mak felt toys and dolls. The finished products are being used on th Waldorf/Steiner school. Apart from these days there are also DIY kits being created and sold on Etsy. When you want to learn how to make a felt toy or a  Waldorf doll, we can make arrangements. For more information look on the website of Artelier Cocon


By Lisa