Groupaccommodation L'Heberge

L’Heberge is build with ecological materials and provides a soothing self-catering accommodation for groups looking for outdooractivities, training or retreat as well as for groups to celebrate special occassions. L’Heberge would be ideal for hosting hiking and welness tours in the green and spacious surroundings with the Therme of Bourbon l’Archambault nearby.

The groupaccommodation is suited for groups upto 28 persons. The building is split up into two wings with a big shared kitchen and shared showers and toilets. The wings can be rented separatly. The left wing (L’Heberge 1) has 11 beds (including a room for disabled), the rightwing (L’Heberge 2) has 18 beds. 

The kitchen is well equipped and you can safely work with several people in the kitchen. 

  • 28 slaapplaatsen verdeeld over 6 slaapkamers
  • eetzaal/cursusruimte/groepsruimte
  • woonkamer
  • er is een piano aanwezig in de entreehal
  • douches en toiletten in het benedenhuis
  • extra opbergruimte in het benedenhuis
  • wifi
  • beddengoed is te huur
  • centrale vloerverwarming

L’Heberge 1

This wing has two rooms: The green and blue room

There are 11 single beds

  • The green room has 7 bed of which 5 are located on the mezzanine. There is also a little seating area. The green room is suited for disabled, the room has it’s own sanitary. There is also e a parking lot for disabled. So it’s fully accessable for wheelchairs.
  • The blue room has 4 single beds, of wihich two are on the mezzanine.
  • The mezzanines are accessable bij steap wooden stairs.

L’Heberge 2

This wing has four rooms, with altogether 17 single beds.

The rooms are mezzanines, this means there is a half open it betekent dat er een half open upstairs which you enter through steap wooden stairs.
  • Red room  2 beds
  • Orange room 5 beds of which 3 on the mezzanine
  • Purple room, 5 beds of which 3 on the mezzanine
  • Yellow room, 5 beds of which 3 on the mezzanine
These rooms have sink with cold water. The shared sanitary has warm water.

About L’Heberge:

From 2001 – 2015 we have build L’Heberge under our own managment. We build as durable as possible. All specalist work like electricity, fundation, the roofconstruction, alarmsystem, fire safety, has been carried out by professionals.  And we are proud to say that the main of the building has been carried out by people who stayed for a long or short period at La Caille and who wanted to help. The whole buildingproces was not only a big adventure but also it turned out to be a pedalogical project.

Since not everyone is always very handy and / or professional, we learned a lot from eachother. We had the most pleasure in working together!  Some sentences, in several languages which were heard a lot were: “We do not have a problem, we only want to find a solution.”

Enkele zinnen, die in diverse talen, vaak te horen waren: “we hebben hier niet te maken met een probleem, we willen alleen maar een oplossing vinden.” and “If it doesn’t go as it should, dan is should be as it goes.” Or when something tumbled or went wrong: “well, it also could have gone right”. 

Everybody, young and old, who worked with us in this building process one way or the other, thank you very much for your help!