Our farm is situated in the middle of a well preserved area “Le Bocage Bourbonnais”, a landscape of many meadows where the famous white Charolais cows graze. Meadows, which are still bordered by hedges with old, mainly oak trees in it. You can also encounter sheep shepherds driving around.

The Bourbonnais
Charolais cow

Eating out

In the region there are a lot of typical French villages and cities with well preserved Roman architecture. 

This includes the small, floral-decorated village of Autry Issards with a small restaurant own bij Belgian. In  Bourbon d’Archambault there several restaurants, like for instance Les Bourbons and in Souvigny ‘Auberge des Tilleuls’. 

The Belgian restaurant à Autry-Issards
Eglise de la sainte trinité in Autry -Issards

Dans presque tous les villages, vous pouvez toujours voir des églises romaines qui sont complètement intacts. A Souvigny tous les étés de la première semaine d’août autour de l’église centenaire avec son fonctionnement en activité, une fête médiévale organisée. Souvigny est un “village d’artistes et d’artisans du bocage” avec Les Ateliers du Chapeau rouge qui ont régulièrement de nouvelles expositions d’art contemporainune église romane et un bon café-restaurant.

La fête médiévale

The cradle of the Bourbons

The small city Bourbon-l’Archambault is truly the historic centre of France and the cradle of the Bourbons. The remaines of the immens castle in the centre testify to that. 

Every year, many people come to Bourbon to take advantage of the beneficial sources discovered around 1900.

The castle of Bourbon L'Archambault
Visit the beautiful thermes in Bourbon d'Archambault

Shopping at the ‘neighbours’ at Ferme de la Mhotte

La Ferme de la Mhotte, is an organic farm with a wholefoods shop L’Echoppe, is a 10 minute walk from la Caile.  You can do your daily organic  shopping here and on friday evenings there is a bar and sometimes live music. For more info about the program, look at their Facebook page.

Opening ours L’Echoppe

lmonday, wednesday, friday, morning 9-13hrs

tuesday and thursday afternoon 15-18hrs

And you will find supermarkets Aldi and Carrefour in Bourbon-l’Archambault.

Shopping and museums

The beautifull old city Moulins is officially acity of art and history and is the capital of the Allier. It’s situated on the border of the Allier river and a lot of possibilities to shop and to visit museums.
Unique is the “Centre national du costume la scène” (le musée national des costumes de théâtre) and Musée de Illustration Jeunesse.

Brocantes and fleemarkets 

For those who love fleemarkets (brocantes) …… Every village organises  a ‘brocante’ every year, you can find one mostly every sunday somewhere in the region.   List of brocantes and vide greniers.

Street Art City

In 2017, Street Art City opened his doors in Lurcy Levis at 30 km from La Caille. The bastion of street art with 13 buildings and 22,000 m2 of street art,made by artists from around the world, is very nice to visit.

Street Art City